A few rules and guidelines to make your event day enjoyable and run smoothly.


Violation of any of the event rules will be a breach of the event waiver agreement and management reserves the right to eject anyone who is in violation of any of these rules.  There will be no refunds for anyone who is in violation of the event rules.


 * If the zombie horde has taken all of your flags before you cross the finish line, don’t panic.  There are

   ANTIDOTE CONTAINERS located throughout the course.  If you can find one, you may take ONE and only

   ONE health flag from the container.  There will be monitors that will be watching so play fair and leave some

   for your fellow living humans...they will need them.

* If you have no more flags, you may not take any flags from another Runner participant or pick them up off the


* You may not make direct physical contact will a Runner or Zombie performer.  You are not permitted to hit,

   touch, strike, spit on, tackle, kick scratch. bite, pinch, jump on or do anything that will harm the Zombie

   performers or fellow Runners.  We know that you will be encountering the Undead and that you will be scared

   and the adrenaline will be racing through your veins, but you need to keep your composure.

* The health flags that you will wear for the event must be clear and visible at all times.  You are not permitted

   to hide or tuck the flags into outer clothing.  It’s simple, don’t cheat.  You will have more fun if you just try to

   avoid the zombie hordes.  Flags must be worn on the sides of your waist and back.

* You must wear your official numbered bib at all times during your participation in the event.  Only after you

   have crossed the finish line are you permitted to remove your bib.  It’s yours to keep!

* Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the event if anyone is suspected of being intoxicated or

   under the influence of narcotics.  This poses a potential threat to other participants at the event and will not

   be tolerated.  Be smart, stay sober and alert.  You will need to be on your game and at peak performance if

   you want to survive the zombie attack.

* You must be at least 12 years of age on the day of the event to be eligible to  participate.



* There will be no weapons, real or fake replicas, allowed at the event.  Leave them at home.

* No outside alcohol or drugs of any kind will be permitted at the event.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of

   refreshments available for purchase on the day of the event.

* You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid photo ID on the day of the event if you plan on consuming

   any alcoholic beverages.

* You are not permitted to bring any pets or animals of any kind to the event.

* There will be no overnight camping for the event.

* All participants in the event, whether you are a Runner or Zombie Performer, you must obey and follow all of

   the instructions given by event management and staff.

* Please be responsible and don’t drink and drive.  We want you to return for the next zombie infestation.

* As part of the waiver you have signed to participate in the event (as a Runner, Zombie Performer or

   Volunteer) you agree to allow the event producer (Timberwolf Productions Inc.) to use your likeness in any

   photos or video that are taken on the event day, for promotional use.  Remember to smile or scream, show

   you’re having a good time.



* If you have any health issues that may arise while you are participating in the event, please notify any event

   staff and they will take care of you and get the medical attention you may need.  We want to make sure

   everyone has a safe, scary and thrilling good time.

* If you want to skip any obstacle or maze, you may do so, however we encourage you to explore all of the

   elements of the course.  Trying to avoid an obstacle or maze will expose you to zombies that are specifically

   looking for the weak or squeamish.  Stay together with your friends and get through the challenges that face

   you on the course.  You’ll be fine.

* Please be respectful of your fellow participants.  Physical contact of any kind is not permitted and if you are

   observed or reporting doing so, you risk being disqualified from the event and possibly ejected from the

   premises.  That would be a shame.  We want you to have a good time but we need to make sure everyone

   involved in the event also has a safe and fun experience.


Thank you for your cooperation and helping us make this event a memorable experience for all...

both the living and the dead.