The Zombie Escape is an interactive adventure that challenges teams of "survivors" to work together and help find a cure for the zombie virus and save humanity.

You are part of a 12 member Survivor Team on a mission.

- You must explore the five (5x)

  different Zombie Zones and find

  the anti-virus elements in each


 Collect them

 and receive

 the Antidote

 card for that


- The first Survivor Team to make

  it to Check Point Zebra with all

  5x Antidote Cards and at least

  half of their Health Flags is the



  There is only one winner for

  each time slot.  Your Mission

  has a 45 minute time limit.

- Avoid contact with the zombies

  that are scattered throughout all

  of the Zombie Zones.


  They will try to take your health

  flags and infect you!

- The winner receives an event

  medal, exclusive event t-shirt

  and other zombie goodies.

  Every Survivor Team that

  finishes the mission with all 5x

  Antidote cards or at least half of

  their Health Flags will receive an

  event medal.

The next event date will be announced soon!

Check out the Zombies Zones that you will have to explore!