This is a non-stop course that is a zombie adventure unlike anything you've experienced before.  The course has you being chased by zombies, navigating zombie-infested maze structures and zombie-themed physical obstacles and inflatables.

Prior to the start of the adventure, each participant will check in and receive their flag belt with three flags.


Each of the flags represent the participant’s health.  The zombies throughout the course will try to take the flags from the participants as they make their way through the mazes and obstacle challenges.  If a participant crosses the finish line with at least one of their flags still on them, meaning attached to their flag belt, they will have survived the zombie assault and remain human.  If you finish with no flags, don’t worry, every participant receives a goody bag filled with great event souvenirs.  Good Luck!

The zombies are after your health flags...avoid them everywhere!

Join the hordes of undead and try to infect the living runners!

Armed with a paintball gun, you shoot the zombies to complete your adventure!

Explore creepy mazes and complete obstacles while watching out for the undead!