Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Participate as a member of a "Survivor Team" and come face to face with the undead.


Each member or your Survivor Team will be equippped wtih a "Life Belt" that  contains three (3x) health flags.  The zombies will try to take those health flags from you as you proceed on your mission.  Every survivor in the group must have at least one health flag on them at all times or they will risk infection and not be able to complete the mission.


Health Packs are located in certain areas within the adventure.  If you are able to access one of these, you may take a health flag and add it to your team.  Only one flag is permitted to be taken by each team from each accessed Health Pack.

Your team objective is to collect all of the items on your mission list and make it to home base with at least half of your team's health flags.


 If you are able to acheive this, you will receive your victory medal and the knowledge you and your team have saved humanity from the zombie apocalypse.