We are looking for volunteers to help with the event.  There is a variety of tasks that you could help us with.  We have some great stuff for you to take home as our thank you for volunteering for the event.  You can also get community service hours by volunteering with us.  We need help with the following:


* Monitoring the mazes and obstacles.

* Directing participants to restrooms, the exit and anywhere else they may want to go.

* Giving participants their grab bags as they leave the event.

* Help keep the flow of traffic moving with all participants.

* Manage and help with the bag check-in area where participants leave their stuff until

  after the event.

* Registration check-in of all participants.

* Monitoring the activity and behavior of participants and reporting any unsafe or

  inappropriate behavior that would be in violation of event rules.


Each Volunteer for the event will receive, as part of their volunteer hours, the following:


* A custom themed event t-shirt,

* Admittance to the zombie after party area,

*  Event Collector Sticker, Event Trading Card & Mini Event Poster,

*  FREE Parking at the venue,

*  Snacks & Water.


(NOTE: A volunteer must complete their minimum shift requirement of 5 hours in order to get their grab bag of goodies)



7:00am to 12:00 noon

11:00am to 4:00pm

3:00pm to 8:00pm


Volunteers are also eligible for a discounted fee to participate as a Zombie Performer in the event.  Please contact us for more details.


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